About PruTech

PruTech (PruTech FInanical Services Pvt. Ltd) is professional SEBI Registered Investment Adviser company offering Financial Planning Services across various cities of India. PruTech is a part of the Prudent group.

With our outcome and metrics based approach, we help individuals and families to achieve their financial goals in a planned and systematic manner. We provide the Fee based Financial Planning services to our clients and also aim to provide our Financial Plan creation platform to industry.

We create customized financial plans for our clients with detailed guidelines and recommendations in place. The financial plan are reviewed at regular intervals. The range of services covers every area of personal finance, namely:

  1. Family budgeting,
  2. Preparing Cash-flow
  3. Networth analysis
  4. Risk profiling
  5. Insurance analysis
  6. Financial goals’ strategy plan which includes children’s education and marriage plan, retirement plan, buying of real estate, loan re-payment, car purchase, vacation and other goals.

We use the most sophisticated and latest technology available in the field to create the financial plan. We also use cloud based and secured financial planning software which can be readily accessed from anywhere.

Prutech has a team of experienced Certified Financial Planners who assist clients and partners in understanding and implementing the financial plan.

Prutech team operates in the following areas:

  1. To make financial plans of clients on a chargeable basis. The fee depends on the scope of work and also on the type of plan opted for, Comprehensive or Goal-based Financial Plan.
  2. To provide the cloud-based financial planning platform at the most competitive price in the industry along with software training and necessary handholding.

Our philosophy of work is, “We don't find clients for our products. We find products for our clients.”